Will you be taking names for volunteers?2018-09-15T13:11:08-05:00

Yes.  Later this fall, we will announce sign-up for volunteers for BB19.  We will make this announcement on the Attendees page and on the BB19 website.

When will BB19 tickets go on sale and how much are they?2018-09-15T13:10:54-05:00

BB19 tickets will go on sale October 1, 2018 at noon CST and will cost $200. We are trying to work out the ability to pay half on October 1 and half on November 2.

BB18 benefitted SafeHouse Denver.  Will BB19 benefit a charity?2018-09-15T13:10:35-05:00

Yes.  When BB18 was planned, The Bookworm Box had not received its nonprofit status.  Since then, it was recognized as a 501c3 charitable organization by the IRS.  The Bookworm Box donates ALL of its profits to charity.  We will choose a major nonprofit partner for BB19 and it has not been announced.  We will also choose several other organizations and allow our attendees to decide how to distribute the funds to donate from BB19.  All proceeds from BB19 will be donated.

When and where will BB19 be held?2018-09-15T13:10:16-05:00

Book Bonanza 2019 will be held August 9-10, 2019 in the Dallas – Ft. Worth area.  Here we come Texas!

What is Book Bonanza?2018-09-15T13:09:47-05:00

Book Bonanza is more than a signing.  It’s more than a conference.  It’s a book lover’s dreamfest!

Book Bonanza is a two-day event where readers come together to raise money for a good cause, meet their favorite authors, meet their fellow book-lovers, author panel sessions, good food, and a weekend of fun!

Will we be able to book a room at the same time as purchasing the ticket(s)?2018-09-13T13:10:55-05:00

Yes, in the confirmation email from purchasing your ticket, you will receive a link to book your hotel room at the host hotel for the discounted BB19 rate.

How do we suggest authors for BB19?2018-09-13T13:12:40-05:00

Anyone interested in signing at BB19 should complete the Interested Author Form or (https://tinyurl.com/InterestedauthorformBB19) or send an email to bookbonanza@thebookwormbox.com and put Interested Author in the subject line.

Will there be a Cupcake Room at BB19?2018-09-13T13:13:31-05:00

Yes! There will be a Cupcake Room at BB19.

How many signings will there be at BB19?2018-09-13T13:14:27-05:00

We will have (3) four-hour signings at BB19.  The schedule will be a bit different from last year and signing 1 will be from 2-6 pm on Friday.  Saturday’s signings will be 8 am -12 pm and 2-6 pm.

How can I be a sponsor or vendor for BB19?2018-09-13T13:29:46-05:00

Sponsor and vendor information will be announced in the next few weeks.  Please fill out this form and we will get back to you with more information. https://tinyurl.com/BB19SponsorVendorform

Will volunteers need tickets?2018-09-13T13:16:01-05:00

Volunteers will need tickets.  Volunteers will be chosen after ticket sales.  We will then assess how many shifts volunteers work and offer a partial refund.

Can I refund my tickets if I decide not to attend BB19?2018-09-13T13:17:58-05:00

No.  All tickets are a final sale but they are transferable.  You can sell your ticket and transfer it to someone else.

Which authors are signing at BB19?2018-09-13T13:18:31-05:00

Please visit THIS PAGE!

How will I get information about BB19?2018-09-13T13:19:12-05:00

We will put all information at Bookbonanza19.com and the Book Bonanza Attendees Facebook page (https://tinyurl.com/BB19Attendeesgroup).

What hotel is hosting BB19?2018-09-13T13:19:58-05:00

Somewhere on planet earth!

What is the schedule for BB19?2018-09-14T00:27:18-05:00

You can never plan to early! Visit the Book Bonanza ’19 Schedule page to see all the goodies happening!

View Schedule
Are there any other add-on’s to purchase for BB19?2018-09-13T13:28:37-05:00

Your ticket gets you into every BB19 event.  You can purchase books from the onsite bookstore, extra cupcakes, goodies from the vendors, and other random items at the hotel.

What all does a ticket include?2018-09-13T13:22:00-05:00

A BB19 ticket gets you everything related to BB19.  You get entry into the Keynote address, the panel sessions, all three signings, the closing event, and it includes a swag bag with a T-shirt and other goodies such as a cupcake from the Cupcake Room.

How many tickets can I purchase?2018-09-13T13:22:30-05:00

You can purchase up to 2 tickets per transaction.  Each ticket must have its own separate and distinctive email.  You cannot use one email address for both tickets.

If I have questions not answered here, how do I get information? 2018-09-15T16:47:12-05:00

Please use the Contact Form to contact us.

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