Framed Print – The MIrror of Erised by Harry Potter artist, Mary GrandPre’

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The Mirror of Erised is reproduced in the fine art Giclée process.  Each piece is numbered within its predetermined edition size and signed by Mary GrandPre;.

The Mirror of Erised first appeared in the first book of the Harry Potter series, “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.”  In the Mirror of Erised, which spells “desire” backwards, one sees their deepest hopes and dreams.  As Professor Dumbledore points out to Harry that the mirror reveals the heart’s deepest and most desperate desires, Harry, after stumbling upon a classroom inside Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, sees in the mirror’s reflection among other relatives, his parents, James and Lily Potter, who were killed by Lord Voldermort.  Truthful in its reflection, Harry realizes his desire, above all others, is to be reunited with his mother and father.  The Mirror of Erised plays a significant role in the outcome of this first book in the series.

GrandPre’ is responsible for the dramatic images found on each Harry Potter book cover and in each chapter heading. A renown children’s book artist and writer, GrandPre’s stylization is unmistakable as it spans fiction and nonfiction.  Her work is highly regarded by publishers such as Random House, Dell, McGraw Hill, Atlantic Monthly and Time Magazine.

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