In the Family Patreon Membership Donated by Penny Reid

Being in the Family means you get everything from being In the Loop, PLUS!

•  A digital / eARC of every Smartypants Romance book before publication after 2 continuous months of being an “in the family” Patron (and then for every launch thereafter with continuous patronage).

•  A signed copy of each Penny Reid book + mystery box of awesome  after 4 continuous months of being an “in the family” Patron (and then for every release thereafter with continuous patronage).

•  A one-time gift on your 1-year Patron Penny-versary of a Winston Brothers book-sleeve (sold nowhere and made from copyrighted fabric by Penny Reid). After 12-continuous months of patronage, this handmade gift can be yours to lord over all the plebeians and serfs in your life!! (I’m kidding, don’t do that… just be cool about it). The only people who will ever have this book sleeve are “Reiders in the Family” and “Reiders in the Know”  😉

We’re limiting the number of spots at this level because the space in which the family dwells isn’t that big and we don’t want anyone to get claustrophobic…

Proceeds of this auction and Book Bonanza will be donated to charity.

Note: You are not purchasing the product displayed. You are purchasing 1+ raffle tickets for a chance to win this product.

Book Bonanza – The Bookworm Box

PO Box 1400

Sulphur Springs, TX 75482

Raffle winners drawn by August 17 and will be announced at and by email.

Shipping to US included.  International winners must pay postage difference.